See What Our Clients Say About Us

I would like to cancel my contract with you. My credit is in such good shape, that I no longer need your help. Not only did you help me to correct the errors, but you showed me how to increase my score. Thank you

Carol S.

Phoenix, Az.

Thank you for the information that you gave me that helped me to raise my credit score. Not only did you help me to clean up my report, but you spent the extra time needed to show me how to keep my score where it is now-a whopping 702. You guys are great

Richard R.

Los Angeles, Ca.

You have done everything possible for me to clear my credit. After 7 months, my score is nearing 730. I have sent my friends to your company, and you have helped every one of them. I really want to thank you. Also, many thanks for the extra guidance you gave me, to keep me from repeating my mistakes.

Rachel C.

Los Angeles, Ca.
I am 25 years old. When I first entered college, the credit card companies were waiting like sharks for all of the incoming students. Not having any experience with debt, I ruined my credit within one year. I called your company begging for your help, and you were there for me. You helped me to negotiate settlements and payment plans with my creditors, and now I have finished paying all my old debts. You also taught me how to care for my credit. I will never make those mistakes again. I wish there were more companies like you.
Eddie S.
San Diego, Ca.

I am so happy with your company. I went through a nasty divorce, and my wife killed my credit. My scores were 512, 526, and 535. After 5 months of working with you, my middle score was in the 650 range. It is my goal to get up to at least 700 within the next 2 months. I will let you know as soon as I do. I also referred a good friend to you, and her score has gone up 75 points in 3 months. I want to extend my thanks to you.

Tom M.

Sherman Oaks, Ca.

My wife and were about to buy our first house. I went to a mortgage broker, and he told me that we couldn’t qualify for a house, because of my credit. He suggested that I contact your company, and that he had sent three other people to you. He also told me that in five months or less, he was able to get all of them qualified for a mortgage. My credit was really bad, and it took just over seven months to get me eligible for our mortgage. We are expecting our first child, and we will be able to have a house to raise our kids in. You have our greatest appreciation.

Dan and Susan R

Los Angeles, Ca.

I am so pleased with the results of your work. For the first time in my life, I can qualify for a mortgage that I can afford. Without your help, we would not have been able to have this great house. I will send you as many referrals as I can.

Lorraine M.

Studio City, Ca