Become An Authorized User to Help Build Your Credit?

If you have bad credit or are looking to improve your credit, becoming an authorized user on someone else’s credit card will give you a boost.

How Does it Work

If the person who owns the card has good credit, and the credit card they are adding you to, is in good standing (see good credit card practices), then by adding you as an authorized user, the card will automatically and instantaneously, boost your credit score and add some points to your overall average score.

How many points will be added?

  • There is no way to tell exactly how many points will be added to the score. There are many factors that define how your credit will improve. These include:
  • How long the credit card has been in existence; the history of the card
  • How high the credit limit is of the card
  • How high is the balance of the card relative to the limit. The higher the balance, the lower the score
  • Does the card holder have late payments
  • Does the card holder make minimum payments only, or do they pay the entire balance each month

We usually only accept card holders who have great credit, high credit limits and a great history of making payments on time.

Will I get a credit card from that account?

You will not receive a credit card for this account. Your name will only be added to the account but you will not receive a card. This protects the card holder from someone potentially abusing their credit card, while helping you gain the advantage of their good credit.

How much do I have to pay for to become an authorized user?

It depends on the type of card and the cardholder. If the card has a high credit limit, a long-standing history, and a low balance. Then the price is higher. We offer several tiers of payment depending on the value of the card. Some people do not need a high value card and thus don’t need to be added to a premium account. We structure authorized user accounts based on your individual needs and the cards that are available at the time

How long will I be an authorized user on the account?

You will be added as an authorized user for three months. We will only put you on a card just before you are ready to apply for new credit.

If I do something wrong on my credit, will I hurt the credit of the card holder?

No, your credit does not affect the card holder in any way. The beauty of this program is that the only person who has any risk is you. And that risk is minimized because we only pair you with people who have a long history of good credit and a card that has been in great standing for at least five years. The only way that you could be affected is if they don’t make their payments on the card. In that case, you can and will be removed from that card and added to another so that your credit is no longer affected.

How do I become an authorized user?

Its very simple. First you sign up with us as customer, we will analyze your credit report and make recommendations. Once we figure out what you need, we will make a recommendation for the type of authorized user you should become and then you will make a payment. We will contact the card holder and they will then add you to their card. That’s it. You will see a new card account added to your credit report

What kind of payments do you offer?

We offer one-time payments or we offer structured payments. We will work with you to make it affordable.

How long before I will see improvement on my credit?

It depends on the credit bureaus. Sometimes, you see improvement in a few weeks and other times, it takes about one month. It also depends on how well you maintain your own individual credit during these times. If you make mistakes or have late payments, you could get derogatory credit hits that negatively affect your score and effectively cancel out any gains you might receive from becoming an authorized user. However, we will be helping you monitor your credit score and teaching you good credit practices to avoid these kinds of situations from occurring. Before we add you to any authorized accounts, we try to make sure you have your current financial life stabilized while eliminating all expenses that are either untenable or unnecessary. This lowers the risk of you having problems during this program. However, mistakes happen and it is not the end of the world. We will help you work through them and get back on your feet.


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