Working With Us is Very Simple

Step #1

The first thing to do is Contact us. We are extremely helpful, and we truly want to see you get your credit in good standing. We will give you a lot of advice and information for free!

Getting Started

Once you are convinced about our service, we will get you started in our program. Before you start we will provide you with a free credit audit, which you will download and then, either send to us by email, or upload into the client area of our website. Once we receive your credit report, we will analyze it and make recommendations as well as give you some guidelines to follow so that your credit score starts improving immediately.

Signing Up

If you decide to continue with us, we will give you a list of things that we will help you improve your credit report, and at that time we will set you up for either a one-time payment or a payment plan that you can afford. We will email you an invoice with the terms or you can find the invoice in the client area.

1st Payment

Once you make your payment we will then offer you some other options that will additionally help you improve your credit. These might be secured credit cards to sign up for, authorized user credit cards, accounts to open as tradelines, that are low-risk and additionally help you improve your credit.

Constant Monitoring of Credit

After that, we will continuously help you monitor your credit and start making improvements from our end. We will file disputes and challenges to your creditors that are often easily deleted from your credit report, due to being filed illegally or inappropriately.

You may see improvement to your credit score within several weeks’ or over the course of several months.

Either way, we will be in contact with you on a regular basis to advise you and deal with any problems that should arise unexpectedly.

Tracking Your Progress

You will be able to track your updates in your client area as well as track our progress helping you raise your credit score

Check out our client testimonials to see how our previous clients feel about working with us.

Client Referals

We have many clients who we have worked with over the years who, come back to us to deal with new issues or to refer us to family and friends.

If you are interested in making money from referrals, check out our affiliates page. It costs nothing to join and you can earn lifetime commissions just for referring people to our company.