Chuck Schwartz

started the 5 Star Credit Group in the year 2005. He and his wife have been together for 48 years, and have two great sons. They have since added two daughter-in-laws to their family, and now have a grandson as well.

Credit Education

The main goal, with 5 Star Credit, was to educate people on the do’s and don’ts of the credit system. They have found that about 75% of the population had major misconceptions about how to use credit and lacked an understanding of the credit reporting system.

A Personal Touch

When clients call for a consultation, Chuck spends at least a half hour or more, guiding them through the credit process. He takes the time to review their credit report, and also spends a considerable amount of time teaching them how to leverage the use of their credit in the most effective ways, so as to have the most success with future purchases and to avoid repeating the same downfalls that they experienced previously.

He does this because he believes that by helping people understand how to use their credit properly, they can live better, happier lives with less stress and less worries concerning debt. It gives them hope for the future and enables them to make better plans and live happier lives.

There is No Charge for the Consultation or Any of The Information!

Personal Experiences with Credit History

His main motivation for establishing 5 Star Credit, and subsequently educating people, was due to his son’s first credit experience, and how long this experience affected his credit. When he started college, he was offered $51,000 worth of credit cards his first day at school, and had no knowledge of the credit system. We felt it was very unfair for a 17-year-old kid to be put in this position. He has since conducted many seminars for students, to help them avoid having to deal with this same situation and subsequently, be caught in an almost endless cycle of debt.

His main focus for clients, is to help them gain the information they need, and to institute practices that enhance credit scores, avoid bad debt, and ultimately, obtain mortgages, credit cards, and automobile loans. He has many clients who started with terrible credit, and now have been able to qualify for buying a home.

You can see some of them in our testimonial section. The company has never spent a penny on advertising and instead relies purely on referrals.

All our clients are referrals!

Other credit consultation and repair companies rely on generic template letters for the disputes and resolutions, that they send en masse to the credit bureaus. All of our letters are individually tailored and created for that person’s specific dispute.

We do not use templates!

Therefore, we have an overall, greater success rate with making improvements on our client’s credit reports. Many companies focus on only getting rid of negative accounts on the credit report. 5 Star Credit does that as well, but we spend a significant amount of time teaching and educating our clients how to build positive accounts while directly disputing individual items and accounts.

Many clients have mistaken knowledge regarding how to utilize their credit cards. We completely guide them through that process and answer any questions free of charge. We also provide several avenues that help you build credit, even if you have no credit at all.

If you have any questions, you can reach us at 866-720-FICO (3426) or 213-923-9999. Ask For Chuck